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WINCHESTER BASEBALL serves kids in the Winchester. Frederick, Clarke, and Warren Counties in Virginia as well as Hampshire and Hardy County in West Virginia.


                                      2019 Spring baseball information

On line registration will open January 18, 2019. Please email Ivy Tyson with any questions related to registration at [email protected]  

Registration closes 3/5/2019'

Practices are estimated to begin the week of 3/16
Opening Day is 4/13
Games begin 4/13
Pictures will be 4/13 prior to opening day ceremonies

We will offer:

5 -6 year old tball   $50.00

7-9 Machine Pitch   $70.00

8-10  Player Pitch   $85.00

50/70 (majors)  $85.00

13-15 Babe Ruth Player Pitch    $85.00

Walk-In registration will be available the following dates/times. The location will be the REC ROOM at the War Memorial Building located at Jim Barnett Park.

February 4th     6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

February 11th   6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

February 17th   1:00 pm to 3:00 pm 

February 22nd   7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 


5/6 T-ball                            Entry level for players 5 and 6 years of age with the focus on learning the game. The focus is on learning the game with the primary focus of making the game fun while learning the basic skills.


7/9 Machine Pitch            Babe Ruth introduced Machine Pitch to league play to help promote the game in an environment that promotes putting the ball in play. Players at this level are pitched to utilizing a pitching machine that is set at the same distance a pitcher would be positioned. This allows the ball to be hit into play more often giving players more opportunity to play the game.


8/10 Player Pitch              The player pitch division starts with the 8 year olds to 10 year olds where the game starts for young players as they move from machine pitch to live pitching. This is where the competitive play starts for most players as they grow and start to participate in the game. However local rules are put in place to allow the players to still maintain a learning environment, while getting the competitive side flowing.


11/12 Player Pitch            Players in this division are moved up from the smaller youth playing field to the more intermediate field. The game is generally played in a competitive manner under Babe Ruth League rules. Players are given an opportunity to play on a field that is slightly larger than the youth fields played on at the younger ages, but smaller than the High School field.


13/15 Babe Ruth               Players at this level are playing on the large field that is used by High School, College, and Major League baseball. The players are this level will vary from those with league only to those that are starting their High School careers. This level plays both internal league games as well inter-league play with leagues in Loudoun and Rappahannock Counties as well as a limited number of game with Summit Point Babe Ruth League

EVALUATIONS are needed for any player that is new to the league (8 years old and above) and if it's their first time playing in the player pitch, 50/70 or 60/90 division. Below is the schedule for evaluations. If your child is less than 8 they do NOT come to evals. Evals are for the coaching staff to evaluate your child and to place them in the division that is the safest according to their ability. 

                                                                                 2019 EVALUATION SCHEDULE


No parents will be allowed in the actual gym during the evaluation process. Your child is welcome to bring their bat, helmet and glove. Please NO CLEATS!

                                                  WHO SHOULD ATTEND EVALUATIONS?


                                       *If you are new to the league (ages 8 and above only)
                                       *First time in Player Pitch, 50/70 and 60/90 Majors


                                               Location: The Old Armory Building

8 yr. old:           (All 8 year old players)                                      12:00-1:00

9 yr. old:          (All 9 year old players)                                       1:00-2:30

10 yr. old:        (All 10 year old players)                                     2:30-3:30

11/12 yr. old:    (All 11 & 12 year old players)                           3:30-4:30

13-15 yr. old:    (All 13-15 year old players)                               4:30-5:00


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