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GameChanger How-to

Winchester Baseball uses GameChanger as our preferred baseball scorekeeping app. While the app is very easy to use, there are little tips and tricks that can be helpful to scorekeepers and fans - see the links at the bottom of this page. Scorekeeping tips include recommendations for best practices to aid in consistency and ease-of-access across all of our Winchester teams.

Why GameChanger?

GameChanger is an easy-to-use scorekeeping and team management app for smartphones and tablets. Coaches can use the app to communicate game and practice schedules to their teams and for players to RSVP to those events. Scorekeepers can use the app to electronically score the game. If a game is scored with a device that has an internet connection, fans of the team can 'watch' the game stream live, similar to ESPN GameCast (no video). This makes it ideal for family and friends who are interested in keeping tabs on the game but are unable to attend in person.

One of the nice features about GameChanger Baseball and Softball is their scoreboard feature. Winchester Baseball will use this feature to embed each team's scoreboard on our website. Live games have a red box around them. This feature provides a handy way for us to show who's playing at any given time, and gives fans easy access to the team's schedule and game results. Here is an example scoreboard from a team:

Which version of GameChanger should I use?

There are two versions of GameChanger:

  • GameChanger Baseball and Softball    
  • GameChanger Team Manager

You can get the GameChanger Baseball and Softball app for Android or IOS, for phones or tablets by going to this download page. GameChanger can also be accessed from a PC using their web interface at