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During the 1990’s, Winchester Baseball was a major contributor to Jim Barnett Park and what you see in the Park today.  Throughout time, Winchester Baseball has made over $500,000 of improvements in the park.  

Bonnie and Sherman Merriman (pictured above, seated) began the process when they donated and built the press boxes on Yost, Rotary, and Henkel fields. Winchester Baseball then provided the sound equipment. The press boxes still stand over our fields and have been the hub for Winchester tournaments and games for over 30 years.  

As the baseball fields became popular, so too did the need to expand and provide quality facilities to the community.  Winchester Baseball built and donated a concession and restroom facility, valued at over $100,000.  Throughout the fields, you still see the walking paths connecting the grandstands, lights for the fields, and five batting cages - all of which were provided by Winchester Baseball.  

Also during this time, Winchester Baseball built the T-Ball field, where nearly 100 boys and girls play each year and begin their love of baseball.  Yost Field was expanded to a 200 ft. field, given a grass infield, and became World Series ready.  Because of these upgrades and additions, Winchester has been the host to a number of World Series and regional tournaments, where teams from all over the country come to compete.  These visitors bring in money into the city of Winchester whenever Winchester Baseball hosts tournaments and games. 

Winchester Baseball has contributed greatly to Jim Barnett Park fields and facilities through the hard work, donations, and dedication of its members and donations.  This dedication has prevented costs to the Winchester City taxpayers while benefiting the children and families of Winchester.